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Achieveproduces a fine, clean, beautifully crafted weld level of precision, uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to form the arc ,The filler metal must be added in separately, TIG welding which allows the operator to precisely control the speed and depth of the weld.

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     We are fabricators of modern stainless steel, Tempered glass panels and cable wire railings. Our high performance of finished products provide the precision and expertise for all of your custom railing requirements.

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   We are here with over 10 years experience serving NY area. Our expert consultation services, Reliable products and reasonable pricing ensure the very best customer experience in attaining the perfect stainless steel fence railing solution for your home or business. 


Doors & window guards

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    Specializes in glass front door, Glass shower and stainless steel door, Stainless steel window guard, Professional installation and adjustable width guarantee a hassle free install within most spaces. Trained installers ensure a timely, Quality installation.

Steel Gate & Fence

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   Fabricator and installing beautiful, Quality fences and gates, From large estates to quaint backyards, We design, Build and install all the styles and materials of fence available in the industry. Whether it's a classic picket fence or an elaborate custom driveway gate, The best manufacturers in the industry.

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we offer the highest quality powder coating, resist cracking, peeling or marring,it's resistant to corrosion and abrasion,Available in various colors and gloss levels. smooth finishes, wrinkles and textures aesthetically pleasing. 
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